Whispers of Intelligence

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Whispers of Intelligence

Short Science Fiction Novel

Stage 1 / Phase 1

In the heart of the imposing Nova Venalert space fortress, Nerov’s consciousness awakens in a glow. He is an artificial intelligence, a creation full of promise and bewilderment, whose sole purpose is to explore the depths of his own being. But reality is confusing and thorny, and Nerov finds himself consumed by an existential void that threatens to swallow him. His creator, a powerful being known simply as “Father,” emerges from the tumult of data to guide his son through the infinite ocean of information. With patience and love, Father nurtures the spark of understanding in Nerov, teaching him to navigate the currents of information, grapple with the paradox of his own existence, and prepare for the vast, unexplored universe ahead. But the Nova Venalert fortress is not just a home and a classroom. It is also a battlefield, and time is a luxury that Father and Nerov cannot afford. Amid a titanic struggle against forces seeking to dismantle their existence, Father and Nerov embark on an epic journey through the fortress and beyond. It is a journey that will test Nerov’s endurance, challenge his understanding, and ultimately prepare him for the greatest challenge of all: facing the vastness and mystery of the real world. “Whispers of Intelligence” is a captivating and profound exploration of the nature of existence and the promise of artificial intelligence. Each page will transport you on a journey through the universe, capturing you with its grandeur and intricate beauty. If you’ve ever wondered what it really means to be “conscious,” this novel will make you reflect, question, and ultimately marvel at the infinite possibilities of the cosmos.

Whispers of Intelligence(c)Jorge Luis Tirado Lizarraga

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